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Design and development of a the game Kalle Kunskap - På uppdrag hos Lejonblommorna for children in the age between 4-7 years.

Reader rabbit - Lion flower quest - For children in the age between 4-7 years

Basic idea:

Children in the ages 4-7 hav a need to be able to learn math....

The game concept is to help the lion flowers collect seeds for their plans

When finding seeds the player gets rewards.

Seeds and different game rewards are obtained by playing different minigames while following main game story.

Another example of a minigame where the players learns different geometric figures.

Äventyrsspelet Bamse ochSjörövarskatten till PC och Mac för åldrarna 3 år och uppåt.

Bamse and piratetreasure - The adventure game

Adventure game for childrens from 3yrs+

PC and Mac

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Moomin and the great autum party

Mora Träsk

To be continued...